Paveart Tiles Blog Latest Products Tue, 06 Jun 2023 22:02:11 +0530 en-us Pink Wall Tiles – How & Why to Use? Fri, 14 Aug 2020 16:11:06 +0530 Pink tiles in the bathroom space, is a common scenario now a days. During the last couple of decades, people’ perspective on the ‘pink’ colour has been changed and they have been moved from the concept of ‘white tiles only’. Pink has brought a significant deviation from white and it makes the bathroom space colourful. An ordinary room décor can get a flare with the use of pink or peach colour tiles in it. In modern home décor, pink walls have a growing demand for creating a retro look! However, interior designers say that this change is about to stay. The popularity of pink to be used as wall tiles has given rise to >30 different shades of this colour with >100 designs on them. A few most-used examples are – mosaics, metro tiles, hexagons and wood effect tiles. So, when you go to buy pink wall tiles, there are a number of options for you. How to use pink wall tiles? Well, today, there is suitable answer to this question. The reason is you cannot specifically say what is wrong and what is right. Everything depends on the choice of the users. Bathroom walls look great with pink tiles. A pink wall tiles manufacturer in Morbi can offer you huge varieties of colours and designs to let you mix and match the combinations in your place. The modern generation is not stereotypes, so they forget the myth that pink is girls’ colour. These tiles hold their beauty for longer times. So, keeping pink as the base colour and offering any vibrant colour finish on that, you can easily go for a crackled finish or bring pastel tones to it. If you are using pink tiles in your bathroom, decide about the shades according to the space. Not only the wall tiles but the floor tiles need to be considered also. If the bathroom is small, light shades of pink and larger size floor tiles will do a better job. But for the walls, small sized tiles just like the retro tiles will offer a retro look.In the beginning of 2000, pink wall tiles of vintage style were considered offering historical appeal to the space. In 2020, the charming and trendy designs have grown in popularity. House owners with artistic sense prefer pink wall tiles for these reasons.Varied styles for pink wall tiles: Any renowned pink wall tiles manufacturer will provide you the best quality tiles prepared with premium graded raw materials, and thus you will get a range of durable designer varieties of pink tiles from them. The manufacturers provide different products as per the taste of their customers to serve different purposes of decorations, settings and locations of use.If you want to create a specific focal point at the space and want to glam up the space in between, pink quartz can be your choice. Add on with pink pebbles will make it more overwhelming.Another popular style in the modern homes is the mosaic design. Any experienced pink wall tiles manufacturer in Morbi can offer you variable options for mosaic designs with vibrant and pastel shades. Some most-preferred specialist designs include geometric hexagon, hexagon pattern and mosaic tiles in pastel pink and candy floss pink shades. Such professional designs are able to recreate the glamour of classic pink. These are also perfect choice for accent and feature walls.Benefits of using pink wall tiles – Modern and vintage styles are available Durable and available in porcelain and ceramic materials Resistant to water, scratch, and anti-slip May contain under roof heating technology which will keep your space warm during the winters.   So, go ahead, enjoy the benefits of pink wall tiles at your space! The Grace of Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles Mon, 12 Oct 2020 18:15:48 +0530 Walls are an essential part of any space decor. Not only does it matter for making your own private space but also if chosen the right way, it enhances the look of a space. Currently, Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles are leading the trend for home and office décor as these tiles give an extra metallic edge to the space, plus has many additional benefits too. Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles is being applied in an mounting number of locations such as homes, hospitals, offices, etc. You can pick from an infinite number of designs and patterns that can complement the final look you want to accomplish. Here we explore numerous benefits to using this versatile product for your walls based on factors such as practicality and aesthetics:   Easy to Clean and Hygienic: Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles is much simpler to uphold than paint, wallpaper, or other tile materials. You can pick from a range of textures such as matt, glossy, or semi-glossy. Just wipe the tiles from time to time and Voila! They shine like new. These wall tiles are also highly resilient to coarse chemicals and cleaners making them easy to maintain and keep clean Wane Sturdy: Even when imperilled to constant exposure to the sun, Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles do not wane or lose its lustrous. The appearance of these tiles will continue to remain the same year after year with nominal care. Moisture Defiant: Since these wall tiles have strong resistant to humidity and moisture, it is perfect for damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. It does not distend or distort when exposed to high levels of dampness.   Fire Proof: Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tile is impervious to excess of temperature. It does not retort to frigidity or fire, making it extremely safe for any indoor settings. Tint Proof: Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tile does not hold on or retain blemishes, unlike other wall tops. In case you dash food, oil, grease, or even paint on the wall by any chance, it can be cleaned with a simple wipe. Long Functional Life: Durability and long functional life are the two undisputed benefits of Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles. They would never crack, fade, or break under any kind of pressure. Odour Defiant: In contrast to other stuffs that may absorb and clench odours, Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles does not absorb smells and fumes, making it an ideal use for kitchens. Easy on pocket: The installation of the Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles may cost you some extra pennies; though, if you consider the durability, appeal, and resilience of these tiles, the cost is worth it. Over time, Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles attests itself to be one of the most economical choices available. Once you install ceramic wall tile, you are done with the expenditure of years of maintenance. Environmentally Affable: Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles are fabricated in an ecologically friendly procedure. It is mass-produced from natural components obtained from the earth. In contrast to some paints that emanate VOCs and enhance to health issues, ceramic wall tile is absolutely free of fumes or contaminants. It is entirely safe to use in your homes or offices. Mould and Fungus Defiant: Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles are invulnerable to moisture and humidity. This attribute recuperates its defiance to mould, bacteria, and fungi. Consequently, you will have an easier time keeping contaminants and bacteria from budding on your walls. Loaded with so many attributes, Golden Series Ceramic Wall Tiles are very much in demand for different purposes, as there is very high market prospective for these tiles, resulting in enhancing the scope of business expansion for its manufacturers. Golden Series Wall Tiles Manufacturer are backed by a team of experts, with years of experience in this industry, who understand emerging needs and product features and contributes largely to the domain expertise. Thus, making the manufacturers eminent in bringing out this versatile piece of elegance to ornate and enhance the décor of any space. Platinum Series Wall Tiles – Perfect Option for Decoration and Redecoration of Wall Mon, 18 Jan 2021 19:04:17 +0530 Wall tiles are available in almost every house, but some of them don’t consider the unbelievable options for decorating or redecorating with them. Moreover, there are lots of kinds and varieties of wall tiles that the selection procedure can be rather intimidating. The article will assist to simplify the world of wall tiles so you can quickly make the decisions of the decoration. Platinum Series Wall Tiles in Morbi offers tiles of the best quality that we create in our environmentally friendly and well-maintained factory. The platinum series of wall tiles comprises blood-red wall tiles, Z black wall tiles, and royal blue wall tiles. This kind of wall times is made of the best quality in different designs and colors. Top Features of the Platinum Series Wall Tiles The series of wall tiles are made of the true best quality. They are made with eco-friendly raw stuff. The buyers can easily choose stylish and unique designs. The professional designers make sure that advanced designs and trends are used. The tiles are offered in special thicknesses and sizes that are appropriate for the special sorts of customer requirements. The tiles have a wonderful finish and have a proper shine to have an attractive look. They are just appropriate to be easily used anywhere in the house and even brighten up the place. You can easily make them an important part of the home decoration in case of some kind of damage. People always wish rather new to their houses now and then. It soothes them to observe their homes continually changing. They might frequently paint the walls or fix new lights. Even remodel and restructure the entire room. Even restricting even a segment of the room is very costly so it might not be a choice for everyone. Yet another means to integrate adjusts to your house is to install wall tiles. Tiles are prepared from porcelain, ceramic, glass, and even limestone. Cheaper in Cost and Easy to Install Platinum Series Wall Tiles Manufacturer offers tiles which are relatively cheaper and easy to install as well. The main preference is the porcelain and ceramic tiles through the marble tiles are also a choice especially to those who can have sufficient money with them. The tiles of the marble are hard to install but it quite defiant to cracks. If proper maintenance is offered, the tiles of the marble remain for a long period as compared to ceramic or porcelain. Wall tiles are available in different colors, sizes, and patterns. These tiles work to account for the décor and theme of the house. The use of tiles does not just get better the design of the house, but they even get better the value of the market of the house. Preparation Beforehand is Important Before fixing the tiles, it is important to prepare the wall at the initial level. You should make sure that the sandpaper in different areas of the wall. You should make use of the sandpapers to remove the unevenness of the face. The main aim is to have a homogeneous surface touch. Once, you have achieved a smooth surface and you can use the tile grout. It is glue-like stuff that holds the tile in place. You should make sure that the wall surface is dry and clean. Moist and dirt might stop the adhesive property. It can be rightly mixed with paint or even colored powder to give it a special color. The colored grouts can be even used to accent the wall tiles' color. Wall tiles installation is an easy process. With the right preparation and tools, installing wall tiles is a great breeze. Wholesale Platinum Series Wall Tiles can give the products at the best price. You can contact an expert to find out more information and help. Significant Features and Uses of Black Z Black Wall Tiles Mon, 12 Apr 2021 20:16:16 +0530 Z Black Wall Tiles is considered the decisive choice for homes, commercial centres and offices as it is both stylish and sophisticated. These stone tiles are seen in most of the modern homes as it displays an aura of opulence and beauty. It is measured to be the ideal choice for enhancing any area in your home including kitchen countertops, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchen floors, walls and living rooms. It is recognized to give a new tone to your rooms and improve the decor of your home. All those who desire to enhance the beauty of their house with these tiles can contact the Z Black Wall Tiles manufacturer to purchase it.   Why are Z black wall tiles a choice for everyone? Black is a worldwide colour that will not go out of fashion. They stay delightful for many years and they hardly need any substitutes. Z Black wall tiles are appropriate for residential and commercial buildings. They are shiny and look astonishing when installed on the walls and floors. You can create a grand appearance by fitting them on the entrance, hallways and garden paths. You can also custom theme for fireplaces, balconies and terraces. They are generally found in malls and restaurants to get a different look and feel.   Features of Black Stone Tiles sold in the Wholesale Z Black Wall Tiles market These are among the most extensively used tiles in most places today. As it is hard in texture, it has several benefits compared to the other tiles. These tiles are offered in different varieties including several shapes and sizes. It is presented in round, square, hexagonal and triangle shapes to garb individual purposes. The maximum of these tiles is modified according to the needs of the consumers. There are several uses of these stone tiles and some of the most substantial uses are mentioned below.   Some Significant Uses of Z Black Wall Tiles in Morbi Flooring purposes: These are generally used for flooring purposes as it is tensile and durable in contrast to the other flooring options. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor flooring resolutions. A big number of people desire to use these stone tiles as it requires less amount of maintenance. So it is regularly used in areas of high traffic such as kitchen floors, commercial centres, hospitals and restaurants. Furthermore, it is easy to clean these types of tiles as it seldom retains any type of scratch or dirt.   Walls: It can also be utilized for adorning walls. There is quite an array of striking varieties of wall tiles in black colour. Today maximum people prefer to use these wall tiles as it radiates a stylish appearance. Furthermore, both the online and the offline markets are full of a variety of tiles of different shades and patterns to suit different kinds of homes and commercial centres. These tiles are also used on the walls of bathrooms and kitchens as it enhances a touch of style and luxury to the rooms.   Kitchens: Most of the home-makers desire to use Z black tiles in kitchens too. Various ranges of tiles in varying designs and patterns have bound millions of consumers to choose these on kitchen floors and walls. These are also attached to countertops in some homes.   Outdoors: These stone tiles are also used for outdoor flooring reasons. It is frequently used in areas around swimming pools and lawns as an occasional flooring design. With a surfeit of designs and patterns offered in most of the online stores, purchasing the best variety is not difficult any more.   Z Black stone tiles are an impeccable blend of contemporary style and natural texture which is both tough and chic. With its unique versatility, it is measured to be the best material used in homes and offices.   Ideal qualities of a Z Black Wall Tiles Supplier in Gujarat Cost-effectiveness State-of-the-art infrastructure Timely delivery of products Client-centric approach Transparent pricing policy